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Hi! I’m Miriam. Just a few short years ago I was busy getting ready for my seminary year in Israel. Being the list and organized type, I took notes of everything. My list became so popular that I realized what a need there was for all seminary girls to have access to my information. I’m so excited to share with you the wealth of knowledge that I accumulated before and during my year in Israel. Email me if you need any help. I’m here for you!


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A guide packed with information to help you navigate your seminary year. What to pack? Where to eat? How to get places? Where to shop? Where to go for vacation? Any question. We have you covered!

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Our detailed packing list has everything you’ll need for seminary. I mean everything!! Feel free to use our links to make the shopping a one click experience.  


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I brought almost everything from the Seminary handbook packing list and was the go to person for anything anyone was missing.

-Rivky S.


The Seminary Handbook made my year so much easier! Not sure what I would’ve done without it.

-Sara Cohen


The Seminary Handbook helped me so much throughout my year.

-Michal W.


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