Vacation to the beach. What to bring?

In Israel, they have separate beaches, to really enjoy this new experience make sure to pack up in your beach bag for a day full of fun. This bag is great for the beach. Big beach bag filled with everything you need with all these items and you will spend an amazing...

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What’s the weather today?

The weather can be quite tricky in Israel. You definitely don’t want to get stuck with rain pouring on your head, so a good raincoat and boots are a must. It doesn’t snow often but it can happen so make sure to bring a warm winter coat. In Israel its not the same hot...

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Laundry time in Seminary can be very daunting. You won't have your mothers laundry room (which is probably stocked with a lot of items that you take for granted). But if you take along the following you’ll feel right at home. A good laundry bag is a must have as you...

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If you haven’t done it before just know it’s a long trip to Israel. You don’t want to be jealous of the girl next to you snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket and warm neck pillow snoring peacefully. The group flight can be noisy so make sure to snuggle up and put in those...

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Hiking in Israel

Hiking is something you’ll be doing a lot in Israel. There are so many beautiful places where your Seminary will take you or you’ll decide to go on your own. You want to be prepared. -Get that backpack. Balancing a water bottle and hiking stick is no easy feat as...

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