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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the Seminary Handbook?

Why? Because you don’t want to feel left out. With our handbook you won’t be lacking any personal items, you’ll be the one giving directions not asking and overall you will be in the know.

Can I use my sisters handbook from last year?

That’s like asking can I wear hand-me-downs?! Yes but it will be a little worn out and a bit outdated. Our new updated handbook gets better and bigger every year.  

When will my book arrive in the mail?

I know that waiting for it will be very hard. It shouldn’t take more than a week. But if you really can’t handle the wait then please go online to our website and start shopping.

What is the Seminary Handbook?

The Seminary handbook is like your personal GPS without internet access for your year in Israel. If you like lists we have lists, more lists and more lists. But ask your friends what’s inside and they’ll tell you more. What to pack? Where to eat? How to get places? Where to shop?  Where to go for vacation? and tips from Seminary girls. Any questions? We have you covered!.

How much money does the Seminary Handbook cost?

It’s priceless. But if you are a dollar and cents kinda girl its $20. If you don’t live in my hometown or my parents hometown then you’ll have to pay a small shipping fee.

When can I pick up my book if I choose pickup?

We will keep your book cozy and safe. After you purchase the book we will email you so you can pickup the book at your convenience. 

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