In Israel, they have separate beaches, to really enjoy this new experience make sure to pack up in your beach bag for a day full of fun.

This bag is great for the beach. Big beach bag filled with everything you need with all these items and you will spend an amazing day soaking in the sun.

Be careful to use lots of sunscreen so you don’t want to end up with a painful burn. Either a spray or a stick are the way to go. Neutrogena face stick works well, does the job, and is easy to apply.

A great bathing suit and swim coverup will keep your body well protected from the sun. This bathing suit can be worn under your swim cover up.

Swim dress. Even though most beaches are separate you’ll still want to look modest with this really nice two piece swim cover up.

Flip flops are an easy way to navigate the beach without your shoes filling with sand till you cant even stand in them anymore. You won’t have to hop on one foot as you empty the sand from your shoe. These bright colors are cute and fun!

These thin floaties are lightweight , can be blown up at the beach and are a ball of fun when riding the waves. It will bring you beach experience to a whole new level. You won’t want to leave when you’re relaxing in the water on these floaties.